A Pet Peeve of mine involving BJJ

Okay, so here is something that ticks me off involving BJJ.

Why does everyone who watches one UFC think he knows everything about BJJ? Or, why does anyone who has seen a BJJ DVD, or taken a seminar, or surfs the ‘net, thinks they have seen and experienced EVERYTHING there is in BJJ, and can make absolute pronouncements?

Let me tell you, I have been doing BJJ for a while now, and I have been fortunate to have constant contact with a world class coach, as well as have had the good fortune of training in a number of gyms with other great coaches. I also have the good fortune to have a couple of close friends who are as experienced whose brains I get to pick. And with all that, I am still learning new aspects of BJJ. There are so many things I “knew” as a blue belt that I know now was wrong. Just last night, I learned a variation on a Brabo choke that explained why I was only having about a 30% percent success rate with Brabos. Even great players like my coach Megaton, or Royler Gracie never says “this is the fact about this”. They, with all their knowledge and experience will say this is what they think, but never make it dogma.

And yet, keyboard warriors seem to have no problem saying the opposite “This is the way it is, no ifs, ands, or buts”.

Interesting contrast in perspectives to me.

One thought on “A Pet Peeve of mine involving BJJ”

  1. It simply boils down to putting in the work.

    I’ve noticed that those who have “put in the work” will start to answer questions more in the manner of “it depends” or “what is the context?” as opposed to making absolute pronouncements on a topic.

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