Must own book – Red Zone Prime by Jerry Wetzel

This is one of the hands down best books I have ever read on unarmed self-defense. Period. Incredibly useful and insightful, and written for the everyday person, Jerry avoids all the usual tough-guy clichés, as well as staying as far away from the typical paranoia inducing hyperbole that too many SD authors indulge in.

Jerry starts off with by setting up his ideas with fact and down to earth normal guy reasoning and logic. Then he proceeds to go over simple and highly functional physical skills that almost anyone can implement. Where he really shines, and where so many other SD authors fail, is at tying the physical skills into a cohesive game plan that comes as close to universal application as anything probably can. This sketching of his “game plan” might be my favorite part of the book. He finishes with some good words of wisdom and the caveat that there is no easy, one size fits all solution. In short, I cannot recommend this book too highly.

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