Radio Interview

Last summer, I was honored to be interviewed on the Ballistic Radio show (broadcast out of Cincinnati but available on iHeartRadio as well as iTunes podcast).

It is (as it’s name would indicate) a firearm oriented self-defense show. However, the host, John Johnston, is a really progressive guy who is constantly looking to see what is cutting edge and most effective in the self-defense community. Not only is he an excellent shooter who has trained in some of the most demanding shooting courses in the world, he has also put his ass on the line and done H2H work, both with me as well as Craig Douglas ( Though my interview with him was before he came to one of my courses, he still asked some insightful questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I am a regular listener to his show since he always has on great guests.

Check out the direct link to the podcast to my show, but also make sure you go through the other podcast archives, as well as tune in to John’s latest show: