Video Post – What actually Constitutes “Pressure Testing”

My first video blog post. Since sometimes the article is covering a lot of material, I will do a video version instead. It will be much faster than me trying to write it all down!

2 thoughts on “Video Post – What actually Constitutes “Pressure Testing””

  1. Hey, Cecil.

    Like the new video post concept.

    To me, the key to assessing pressure testing is whether I am losing.

    In bjj, you know the pressure testing is real because I am often tapping. I “failed.”

    In krav, I’ve gone against multiple attackers with knives countless times and never lost a bout.

    If your ego is getting hurt, that’s a pretty good indicator, IMHO.


    1. Sure, I think in one sense that is a good key, but only at some points. Pressure testing should not be about total 100% failure – it should have the potential of that for sure if you screw up, but not a guarantee that you WILL fail. if you do everything correct, and you are using correct techniques in the right context, then you should have success. Otherwise, we will never know what works.

      We can always stack the deck in a training evolution so that failure is a definite, but that is not what we are looking for. What pressure testing is for is to find good, reliable, high percentage techniques. That means success at some point. As long as we are not “given” the win, then it is valid.

      For example, if I am rolling with a white or blue belt, and I am playing my A game, I am not going to lose. But that does not imply the white or blue belt is not giving me full 100% resistance and true pressure. It is just not enough pressure to make me fail. But the technique I use to win is still validated. I just have to then make sure I can also do the same technique against a higher level of opposition.

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