Paul Sharp on Maximizing Training

I am obsessed with squeezing as much training time into my day as I can. I have written a number of posts here on this page about that, and ideas on how to do so. I also talk  A LOT about the subject in my coursework when I am teaching. It matters so much, because most of us don’t have that much time, and we need to use what we have the best way possible.

Quite possibly the only human being on the planet who talks more about it and is even more obsessed than I am is Paul Sharp of Sharp Defense. Not only is he a monster fighter, awesome shooter, experienced in real world usage, and is a fantastic coach, he is also and excellent thinker. Literally anything he says about fighting/training should be looked at as gold. Here is a particularly great one that is immediately useful for anyone:

After watching this, go check out his website, that way, you can see for yourself where I steal a bunch of my ideas from: