One thought on “Consistency vs Volume pt. 2”

  1. Cecil,

    I enjoyed this blog!

    Even with 10 minutes let alone 1 minute, a person can do a lot of squats, push-ups, crunches or core work, if they don’t take any breaks and go circuits.

    If a person wanted to crank out 2 minutes of squats, no breaks, 2 minutes of push-ups, no breaks, 2 minutes of abs, 1 minute of Murphys, 1 minute of push ups, 1 minute of squats, 1 minute of plyometrics to finish it up, how many reps could a person do?

    It probably wouldn’t be a lot to a professional athlete, however 10 minutes until exhaustion rotating exercises until one hit the wall, I’m pretty sure that’s a pretty good amount right there just for maintenance on a busy day where you are swamped or even just mentally stressed out with distractions.

    I think that you have discovered a good point which is where very few of us always have that undisrupted 2 hour block of time on a calendar however being able to fit even in 2-3 10 minute blocks in a day still adds up to 20-30 minutes of training so there is a cumulative effect.

    3-30 minute days is a 1- 90 minute training session day. In all reality, we probably should try to really figure out how to do the short duration, high intensity training into our lifestyles instead of needing the long warm up, the long cool down, the stretching between sets, all of that.

    If we always needed 2 hour blocks in reality, this is more for the younger athlete that doesn’t have a family yet, or the empty nester?

    I guess I’m going to have to book out a 12 minute work out where 2 minutes of it is writing down and recording my notes on how many push-ups, how many squats, how many Murphy’s, how many abs I can actually condense into a 10 minute work out and measure the result.

    Getting more done in less time is probably the new standard, since non- distracted time is even more precious nowadays than we realize.

    Our minds are too busy sometimes with all of the new technology that we must keep up with, distraction of chaos reigning over the old simpler order where we had less gadgets, life was a bit simpler, people have always had challenges though on time to train and exercise, shop for the right foods, cook good meals, etc.

    Many thoughts on this subject, however this would be the coolest experiment to see what kind of a body a person can build (once already in basic shape, have to qualify this) with short 10 minute workouts, however done every single day for a year.

    Now that wouldn’t be fun to forego the 1-2 hour work out sessions since we love these, however it would be cool to see what could be accomplished with a rotating workout that is only 10 minutes per day, where one rotates the body parts, muscle groups used and the 10 minutes is used optimally every day.

    365 days X 10 minutes= 3,650 minutes trained.

    That’s only 61 hours per year of basic maintenance type ofconditioning in this type of scenario so a little bit over 5 hours per month, however think about this if someone was to actually focus that 10 minutes every day for physical maintenance, bet it’s better than the lazy bastards who do zero hours per year.

    : ))

    Double this time to 20 minutes per day and tax the body like Tabata or Crossfit or whatever type of training and really if one goes after 10 minute or 20 minutes is actually a very long time.


    This second website the guy has access to a gym and training equipment, however there are so many things that we can do just with natural body weight training, however equipment is also very helpful as well:

    Now I’m taking the time to post this, since I want to support Cecil and his mission, vision, goals, core values, strategy, etc. & I have known him since 1987 so I hope a lot of people support this blog and post and help Cecil on getting his message out there on areas like handguns, pistols, rifles, self defense, brazillian jiu-jitsu, various grappling arts, knife work, martial arts, boxing, all areas of physical fitness, diet & nutrition, etc.

    Cecil, Thank You for all that you do, you have changed many lives for the positive and the powerful knowledge radiates out toward society like a ripple effect in the water. You are putting your time and knowledge into this for the benefit of society, so you are appreciated!

    If we can help some people avoid cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease from getting a little bit more physically active that’s a great thing.

    Look at these two in shape guys having a major challenge with the Tabata after only 4 minutes with 20 second breaks.

    Sure they should rest for a minute after this session and maybe go another 4 minutes, however they look taxed after only 1 – 4 minute plyometric session so everything you are saying here is true, although they already have a good physical base of fitness so a newbie needs a year or two getting up to speed before trying to condense too much in to so little time to avoid injuries, etc.



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