BJJ vs a Knife – for real

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I found this article very illuminating. Yes, it is another example of a BJJ practitioner using his skills in a self-defense situation. But, take a good look at the article.

1) it was his BJJ skill against a KNIFE. Most SD gurus like to talk about BJJ not doing much weapons work, and will say that is a great weakness of the art, and when someone who relies on BJJ meets a weapon in “da streetz”, they will die. Not only did that NOT happen here, the BJJ practitioner came out if it unscratched, protected a third party, and did little harm to the attacker. All things that according to “experts”, should be impossible. And yet it happened.

and 2) take a look at the picture of him holding down the knife wielder. That is a position that is almost never used in BJJ – not because it is not effective, but if you do it to your training partner, he will probably get pissed off. So it is a street oriented technique that is rarely practiced, and again, the experts will say that means the BJJ player will automatically and unthinkingly revert to only things regularly practiced. And once again, the experts are proven to be ignorant. This person did use it under pressure, and did so effectively.

And here is the topper to all of this. The person is only a blue belt! the first level of promotion. Not even considered that high level in BJJ circles, and he still performed under stress effectively. For those who have an open mind, and understand critical thinking, this should be deep food for thought.

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  1. He’s wearing an SBG shirt, if I’m not mistaken. Explains a lot. Definitely a less competition-oriented and more practical approach to BJJ. Not that the competition stuff is all going to get you killed, but I would bet he has had the experience of grappling with a training knife in class. Outstanding job on his part. Well done.

    1. He probably had a bit of experience with some knife exposure, but I would wager very little. The school he actually trains at in Manchester, UK is pretty much an MMA oriented school, so the vast majority of their training will not be knife-centric. Plus, there is still the factor he is only a blue belt, which means he has not put that much time in overall, even if they did more knife work than other BJJ gyms.

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