Knife sheath

Some of you may know my affinity for what I believe to be the most functional self-defense knife, the Craig Douglas designed Clinchpick. I have carried one almost everyday for over twelve years. It fits the niche of a knife that can be used in the real world for a specific fighting purpose better than anything I have seen.

One problem I had with it was the original sheath that came with it was developed with speed and ease of access/deployment in mind, and less about concealment. A later sheath that did a great job of dealing with this is the one from Dark Star Gear. I have used that extensively since it first came out (I was probably one of the first handful of people who had one). It is much better than the original, and it is super comfortable to use because it has some flex on the belt. The drawback for some people though is that shirts can drag on it while accessing it fouling the draw, or the concealment is still a bit compromised.

When Tony Mayer of JM Custom Kydex asked me if there was any improvements I could think of for a Clinchpick carry mode, I realized it was my opportunity to maybe take care of this need. So I designed one with some input from Tony, and the result is exactly what I wanted. The access and deployment of the blade is still there, but it is extremely concealable and is set up so clothing rarely interferes. I am very happy that we pulled it off.

And now you can buy it for yourself. Here is the direct link:

And here is a short video where I go over some of the features of the sheath, as well as some tips on setting it up: