I am just like you – a regular, average guy who wants to be sure I can protect myself and my loved ones from harm. I am NOT a professional fighter, nor am I some athletic phenom who can do amazing physical feats. I am a middle-aged, asthmatic businessman with a full time (non-martial art) job, and a family to provide for and spend time with. I don’t have the luxury of spending hours everyday in the gym. I have only a little time each week to spend on training for self-defense. Just as owning a guitar does not mean you know how to play the instrument, having a firearm does not mean you are automatically capable of defending yourself.

Self Defense is a multifaceted endeavor that requires an understanding of hand-to-hand combat, as well as how H2H needs to be integrated with weapons work. It is not something that just falls into place.

BUT,  with the right training, the right conceptual framework, and the right road map, we can succeed in our quest for the “Grail” – the ability to defend ourselves with realistic, functional, and replicable methods! And we don’t have to waste time, effort, and money on those “Five Easy Steps to Beating the MMA Fighter” type B.S. courses.

These methods work, period. There is over eighty years of history to prove it. It is the backbone of the US Army’s hand-to-hand combat program, as well as thousands of winning athletes. This art has saved countless lives and can help anyone. I want to help give you the ability to deal with the bad guy out on the street, in any environment, regardless of who you are. Here are the things  you can learn to handle:

  • Dealing with Unequal Initiative i.e. , the ambush/sucker punch assault committed by a violent and vicious attacker determined to get what he wants
  • Dealing with Disproportional Armament – What can you do when your opponent is armed, or has his weapons out first, or is attacking in a group
  • Learning how to handle a attack involving weapons, including the ability to successfully apply weapons yourself in order to save your life

If you are interested in learning real world self-defense, in a way that is accessible to the average person, then I would like to help.

Check out my blog for video clips and articles, and contact me through this website if you are interested in seminars, group classes, or private training. Thanks for stopping by!

Warning: Becoming a better and stronger person through Jiu-jitsu can be powerfully addicting!

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