Polite Society Tactical Conference 2015

Just back from an awesome weekend in Memphis at the Polite Society Tactical Conference hosted by Rangemaster and firearms instructor extraordinaire Tom Givens.

I taught a 3 hour block on using the Default Cover to survive a surprise assault. It went really well, and I am getting some excellent feedback from it.

The event itself is amazing. Some of the best instructors in the world teaching and lecturing. I will have a more in-depth write up soon, but for now, here are some good vids from the event.

First is me looking suave and debonair:

Here is my bud Paul Sharp abusing me in front of people:


Here is the walking tank that is Greg Ellifritz:


Here is part of the shooting match that all the instructors and a good chunk of the attendees participated in:


My buddy and mentor Craig Douglas:


Another close friend passing on real world helpful info:


Chuck Haggard lecturing, and doing it extremely well:


Some of the difficult shooting taught by Shane Ghosa and Lee Weems:


All in all, this is a must attend event. It will be back again next February or March. Start planning now!

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