Technical Fail

Here is a video purporting to show a functional ground grappling technique:

No, no, no, and really no.

This is a great example of someone who does not know what they do not know teaching something that is utterly, devastatingly, wrong. This is the kind of thing that comes from people whose knowledge of grappling derives from a weekend certification course, or watching a lot of DVDS and online vids, or who grabs a couple of buddies (none of whom have any grappling experience) and rolling in their garage. And then based on that foundation (or lack of to be more accurate), they come up with “answers” that people with 20+ years of training don’t come up with.

Quick tip – that technique is not against BJJ rules. It can be done at any time, even in competition. So why don’t good BJJ players use it? Why was that technique never taught in the fundamental Gracie self-defense curriculum? Why is it never suggested by a seasoned grappler to be a good solution? That deafening silence is what can be called a “clue”.

I won’t go into detail on all the bad things with this technique, and why it won’t work consistently or reliably against a committed resisting attacker. I will give a hint though – what are the other guy’s limbs doing while the good guy is doing the head twist?

Edited to add: And as a BJJ black belt pointed out when I posted this on Facebook, if you cannot even get the terminology correct, why in the world would you assume you have an effective move? There is no such thing as a “guard escape”. There are sweeps, reversals, and attacks. The guard is NOT something you “escape” from. Creating verbiage out of the blue, and that makes no sense, is just as wrong as the physical technique itself.

There are tons of proven, easily learned solutions to that exact situation. This is absolutely not one of them.