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The week before last, I did a live webcast hosted by the Personal Defense Network and Rob Pincus. We covered a lot of good stuff and I enjoyed it immensely. Check it out if you want to:


One thought on “Live Webcast”

  1. Cecil,

    Once again, very good pod cast with PDN.

    I enjoyed the information about self defense, firearms, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, for law enforcement and security professionals, and private individuals looking for better self-defense skills, etc.

    I thought the interviewer / moderator did a very good job and it was nice to see such a collegial working conversation with Rob and how you to collaborated on many intricate thoughts pertaining to how the traditional martial arts as well as this next wave of martial arts training all integrate with the firearms and other weapons such as pepper spray, blades, batons, etc.

    I enjoyed how you made sure to mention the over looked importance of physical conditioning.

    I would just have to say that the old saying that a sound body leads to a sound mind is very true and that they are really inseparable for health. The point about self-preservation relating to health and fitness as to avoid heart attack, stroke, sickness, diabetes, cancer, etc.. was a point that really should be on minds of the many who have lost track of conditioning as it relates to reflexes, speed, coordination, power, balance, explosiveness, endurance, and these all lead to higher levels of performance for all aspects of life.

    Great job Cecil and thanks for sharing!


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