Recommendations Monday #2

I love book anthologies. Collections of articles, short stories, novellas, poems, etc. are nice and convenient when you only have time for a few minutes of reading. Also, in the case of an anthology that is collecting articles, it may be the best place to have a ton of references all in one place, rather than scattered over a bunch of magazines or online bookmarks. Here are some of my favorites:

Combat Shooting by Massad Ayoob – a very enjoyable collection that covers a wide ranging number of areas involving defensive firearms use. The chapter comparing the experiences of noted gunfighters Wyatt Earp, Charles Askins, and Jim Cirillo, and how they apply to the current day was particularly enjoyable.

Never Let Go / Before You Go by Dan John – Dan John is one of the most intelligent and experiences strength coaches in the world and is an extremely entertaining writer. In fact, he has the same gift that Ayoob does in being able to reach people with the written word. These tow books are compilations of John’s online articles over the past 10 years or so. Before You Go is the most recent (published in November 2015), and may be his best and most helpful work yet. I re-read Never Let Go on a regular basis even though I have owned it since 2010, and I am sure I will be doing the same with the new one. You can get them form Amazon, but I encourage you to buy from the link below. It will ship just about as fast, but the publisher throws in extras that you will not get with Amazon. Check out the link (and the entire site):