One thought on “Real World Gun Grapple”

  1. Great post Cecil!

    Good information on practical self-defense, much to think about especially on strength & conditioning.

    If a person can not over come the cardio, anaerobic, ATP part of the struggle where they hit the wall and can’t function and the criminal is still able to operate due to better fitness, it’s not a good scenario!

    I think about 2.5 years ago when I started to get back into shape and I would be huffing and puffing, barely able to breathe after as little as 3 minutes of practice where my training parter was resisting. Now I able to go with an uncooperative training parters for 20 minutes at a challenging pace so you are very right that time invested in the gym is so very crucial to having the endurance and ability to simply breathe when struggling in a self-defense scenario.

    I think about all of the great martial artists over the years who lost their conditioning and they kind of forget about it thinking that their skills don’t require any type of rigorous physical fitness and it’s simply not the case, the conditioning needs to accompany the execution of the martial arts training especially against a very strong and conditioned opponent or worse, multiple opponents..

    How many times has a younger and stronger, well conditioned fighter who has less experience been able to beat the older and more experienced, however lessor conditioned martial artist, it happens all of the time, it all falls apart if we are not in at least a good basic level of conditioning so the grappling, boxing, and full contact Filipino weapons fighting all is valuable!!!

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