Becoming Good At Something

“Fine tuning the discus will take several years. You have to really develop a base for it, and then, after about 10 YEARS OF THROWING, you get to the point where you’re REALLY SOLID IN THE TECHNIQUE that you have and you just need to have your little tweaking here and there. ” Stephanie Brown Trafton 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in the discus

So much deep truth here. This is how you get good. Work the fundamentals over and over for years and years, and then you start to understand them. And ONLY THEN can you change them for you, and only then do you begin to understand it well enough to coach. Contemplate what she says – she undoubtedly as an Olympic athlete trained everyday on her chosen specialty and she still said it took her 10 years to just get technically solid. Not even great. Just the tip of the iceberg. Compare to those who take a weekend certification class in something that they have never done and think they can teach, or that they can comment on social media and even argue with a true subject matter expert.

And I know a ton of people will not get this even after I added the emphasis in the quote.