Recommendations Monday

I am starting off 2016 with a commitment to post at least twice a week, as well as a new regular feature – Recommendation Monday.

The idea being that I will point out things that I think are help in our journey to being an accomplished multi-disciplinary tactician. It may be video clips, articles, books, websites, gear, or what have you. Some of them may be new, some may be new for me, or some may be stuff that has been around awhile that  I think deserves a second (or third) look.

So let’s get started:


One of my favorite websites. Constant amount of excellent material being put up my one of the best around.


Another of my favs. Again, constant new awesome material being put up. Also be sure to take a look at his archive of articles. Chris Fry was writing about stuff years ago that people are only now starting to pay attention to.


This is a pretty new page, and it only has a few things on it at the moment, but oh what fantastic articles. And the definite promise that this is only the beginning.


The website of talented knifemaker Ian Wendt.


The website of knifemaker Ban Tang.

Both Ian and Ban are the two knife guys I turn too to make me EDC knives that I can stake my life on. They know what they are doing.


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